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Controlling a robot with a teach pendant


Robots are hard to use, even for experts

Industrial robots can be incredible productivity tools but can also take hundreds of hours to program, even for basic tasks. Reprogramming them to change their movements, perform new tasks or deal with any kind of variability is expensive and complex. This limits their versatility and potential value.
Robot programming with an intuitive UI


What if they were intuitive to program and teach?

What if it were possible to build real world robotic applications the way software developers build smartphone applications? What if programming a robot was less about how you control every single movement, and more about how you teach it to accomplish a task?

An intelligent approach to industrial robotics

Advances in AI, perception and simulation will redefine what's possible for industrial robotics in the near future — with software and data at the core. By providing access to intelligent capabilities, we want to give the world's makers the ability to innovate and create in exciting new ways.

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